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Entrusted Conference

Fitness + Food for Mood

Holly Colonna

About the Presenter

I'm a personal trainer (BS Exercise Science) of 15 years, wife of 13 years, and mom to 3: 1 in heaven and 6 year old twins here. I have had 2 special needs children and it's encouraged me to apply my background in fitness and food to our daily life in trying to create a joyful home environment for my developmentally disabled child and the rest of our family. I believe that God created us as spiritual beings with physical bodies, and it's fascinating to see how He has created our bodies + minds to respond to movement and nutrition. I love getting to share some of what I've learned over the years about "fitness + food for mood" with others and hope to help our children, and us, move more, using exercise (aka PLAY) and food as enjoyable, even worshipful, activities to bring about greater harmony in our lives.

Session Details

Fitness and food are powerful God-given tools that can allow us to move and grow through life with strength, energy, and positivity, and yet are severely neglected areas in our current society. In this breakout session, we’ll be looking at why and how to use the tools of exercise and nutrition for optimal levels of physical and mental health.

While diet and exercise alone should not be a replacement for necessary medications, we will be looking at how to support trauma, learning issues, and other underlying conditions using food and fitness with a focus on children.

“Exercise is medicine.” -The American College of Sports Medicine

“Food is medicine.” -Hippocrates

November 12, 2022 at 4:00:00 PM

Saturday, Session 2

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