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Trauma Tips

Barbara Stewart

About the Presenter

Caring for a child with a trauma history can be challenging, even on the best days! I am passionate about helping caregivers navigate that maze--for the good of the caregiver, the child, and the family. As a TBRI® Practitioner, I teach both brain science and practical tools. And every time I hear a success story from a caregiver who used those tools, it fuels my passion even more. My hope is that we generate many success stories from this conference as participants take home new tools and strategies that can help them, their child and their families.

Session Details

Developmental trauma can affect every aspect of a child’s life. We’ll broadly view the effects on the brain, body, biology, belief system, and behavior. And, share five practical tips that caregivers can take home and put into practice today!

August 5, 2023 at 2:45:00 PM

Session 1

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